every good benefit Fema inspectors have is Because of PAFI
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There is a New FEMA book in the works by Chad Beckwith Smith coming out this spring 2016

Hopefully all FEMA Inspectors will be Unionized this year. 

Dedicated to Obttaining   JUSTICE for  FEMA Inspectors and proper inspections for All americans

Professional Association of FEMA Inspectors

We should have new Class Action Lawsuits for you by the end of the year. Depending on the Elections we should be served with great Political Presidential support 

Since Hurricane season is soon upon us June 1st, what is Donald Trumps stance on FEMA's disaster relief programs? When he answers it will be posted here first.

Once Trump is elected I will have no problem contacting him as you may know I am a New Yorker  born and bred. Then FEMA will become great   again!